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Cameron is facing a "housing" problem! Due to the multi-billion-dollar LNG industry that is under construction in the Cameron, LA area, the "entities" involved are needing a place for their workers to call "home", and CMG is solving that problem, so to speak. Since we have a 1200' dock, we have proposed mooring a "Cruise Ship" to it! Each one of the "Ships" can accommodate at least 500 workers. Not only will there be sleeping quarters, they will also have a "Commissary" to buy food, condiments and such, as well as a laundry service to was their clothes. and for relaxation, there will be a small theater to accommodate the residents...


We currently have a Mat Company in Lake Charles sending fiberglass mats to military units across the Globe. We will provide crane mats, digging mats and laminated mats to all facilities in Cameron, LA.


We have over 140,000 square foot of warehouse space; 18,000 on the southern side of the property that we will use for restaurant, laundry facilities and supply. We are working on contracts to handle all PPE, Porta Potties, hand wash facilities and consumables to the estimated 13,000 workers in Cameron. In addition we will stand up a small C Store for walk-in traffic. 


We currently own and operate a medical supply company in Lake Charles. We are licensed in 15 states and will expand to Cameron as a value add. We have access to any  medical supply, (steel-toe boots) etc.


We are negotiating with a medical group in Lake Charles, with the idea of setting up a small medical clinic in Cameron.  We have discussed placing a nurse practitioner and small staff in Cameron and have the ability to bill all insurance, private, Medicare, Medicaid and Wk.  Comp.


We plan on selling time on the dock and use of warehouses, land and lay down which will separate the lease from the other entities and create revenue from each of the above companies. As one can see, we will utilize the property in its entirety, and generate revenue from multiple income streams in a captive market with little to no competition, and we are entertaining 6 different disciplines on site.

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